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Professional Bathtub Remodel Service for Customers in Greeley, CO

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For a bathtub upgrade, you want to rely on a company with experience and unparalleled expertise

Why use multiple bathroom remodel contractors for different projects when you can trust one company to do it all. As a full-service company, not only can our experts at Betts Remodeling handle your bathtub remodel but also other updates, installations, and modifications. However, considering the tub is such an important part of the bathroom, you might start with a bathtub remodel first. 

If preferred, we can install a new tub or do a bathtub update, meaning we enhance what’s already there. How? We have several solutions, all performed by highly qualified professionals. One example of a bathtub upgrade consists of installing a beadboard and decorative molding. This enhances the appearance of the area and even helps to hide the tub. Another option is to paint the exterior of the tub. For this, you can choose whatever design you like, and we’ll do the rest. Regardless of the work involved, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards.


Key Benefits of a Bathtub Remodel

The reasons for having a bathtub remodel project done by Betts Remodeling vary from one customer to another. Not only will a new tub give you a gorgeous looking bathroom, but it will also offer better functionality. However, there are additional benefits that go hand in hand with a bathtub upgrade.

If your Greeley, CO, home has a small bathroom, installing a different tub could give it more space. Also, tub rehab can make your bathroom feel more relaxed. If you have a stressful job, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to something that feels like a day spa? We can accomplish that for you. A new tub can even reduce the amount of energy consumed, and it’ll increase the value of the property.

With unlimited possibilities, we can rehab an existing tub to achieve the desired outcome. Some customers want new tiles installed around the bathtub, which we also do. That combined with adding new fixtures and your bathroom will look more like it belongs in a model home.

We Keep the Cost of a Bathtub Remodel Affordable

The main reason why people avoid hiring a contractor is their belief that the cost of a bathtub remodel is too much to afford. At Betts Remodeling, we offer competitive pricing on all our services. When you’re ready for a bathtub remodel at your Greeley, CO, home, give us a call at (970) 584-0314 to discuss the cost of your project. Along with our already affordable prices, we offer customers over the age of 65, Veterans, and First Responders a 10 percent discount.

We’ll put our years of experience to work for you, achieving results that you never thought possible.

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