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Cold in Here? Brrr…

I am sure you have noticed by now how the weather is getting cooler or at some times of the day, cold.

When it is cold outside, heating prices generally increase. The Department of Energy predicts that

“prices for natural gas and heating oil will rise again this winter compared with last—and that’s after a year in which heating-oil prices rose sharply in most parts of the country.”

This is also the time of year people start looking at ways to make their homes warmer for the soon approaching winter season. Sure, you can dial down the thermostat and get used to wearing bulky sweaters indoors to cut costs.

You can also take a look at a few extra things around your home:

  1. Ensure your door seals are tight.
  2. Blow out your sprinklers.
  3. Cover outdoor spouts.
  4. Check your window seals for tightness or leaks.
  5. Consider having your insulation in your attic checked.

Let’s talk a little about your attic as it may not be a common thing that makes your winterizing list. Your attic is key to energy efficiency. Overtime, you should consider getting both the level and quality of your insulation checked. What this does is keep your heater from working overtime and reduces spikes in your energy bills.

According to https://www.thisoldhouse.com, they say to “Stop using your attic for storage. Why? Because the simplest and cheapest way to insulate an attic is to add material to the floor. But if the floor is covered in plywood, you can’t stuff enough insulation beneath it to do the job sufficiently—not even in warm climates. Plan to pull up the flooring and layer new insulation on top of the old. With the floor gone, you’ll have to find a spot elsewhere for stashing those off-season clothes and that holiday decor.”

Insulation can help:

  1. Warm walls, ceilings, floors in winter and colder in summer.
  2. Make your home more comfortable with a uniform temperature.
  3. Save you money on energy bills.

We’d love to make you love the place you live and reduce all the little things that make everyday living stressful, no matter how big or little.

I hope you enjoy this!

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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