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Costly Remodeler Project

I did the only thing an ethical remodeler would do: I started taking off the wallpaper ...

I was facing a decision:

  • get it painted and hope for the best
  • get to the bottom of the problem and avoid problems later on 

I did the only thing an ethical remodeler would do:  I started taking off the wallpaper.  Four layer easily peeled off with a dull putty knife, sometimes a huge section a foot square came off together!  The last two layers were easily removed with a steamer and I was down to the original plastered wall!

Being ethical and honest meant that this remodeler paint job was costing me time, and time is money.  I could have called this young man and made an issue of the additional work.  He might have understood, but then again he might have felt I was just trying to make more money.  In this situation I felt it was best to do it right.

When he came by that first evening he naturally questioned what I was doing.  I carefully explained what I had discovered and the reasoning to not leave what had turned out to be loose old layers.  He thanked me and left.  When I had everything removed and the bare original walls cleaned and primed, I applied two coats of fresh paint and felt very satisfied with the results.  I knew this paint was going to last.

Costly Remodeler Project Brought Good Results

My remodeler paint job turned costly in that I spent two additional days getting to the bottom of the problem.  To my surprise and relief, however, the young man offered an additional amount for the extra work.  It actually covered only one-third of what the regular hourly wages would be, but I felt good that this new home owner had recognized what I had done and wanted to voluntarily pay some for the additional work.

He was very please with the final results, and to me that is what means the most.  If the customer isn’t satisfied at the end of the project then I have failed, no matter how much money I might have made.

What do you think?  Did I do the right thing?

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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