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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Crown molding can make your home feel elegant and rich.

Perhaps you are sitting around looking at your walls and in some rooms you see crown molding and in others you do not. No matter if you have it or not,  you might even just be thinking about repainting an entire room or just updating the trim, a experienced paint specialist and remodeler, can do this in much less time and with much more ease than you might be able to yourself.

Some people have the gift of seeing crown molding and visualizing how it would look on their home and others do not. If you google “homes with crown molding” and then click on “images” and you’ll see hundred of pictures on the first page of homes with crown molding. Look for ones with your similar color walls/ceiling so you can get a feel for what it might look like.

Crown molding:

  • Gives volume to a low ceiling.
  • It creates an old-home charm feeling.
  • It can make a room seem larger than it is.
  • It gives your home crisp, clean lines.
  • It creates a finished look to your walls.
  • Comes in all different shapes and sizes to fit your home.
  • Helps odd shaped corners come together nicely.
  • Can be stained for a drastic wood look.
  • Brighten up the room.
  • Can top off design elements like curtain rods or headboards.
  • Can make additions look like they have always been there.

Find the look and feel you want and we’ll be happy to consult with you on making your dream come true.

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