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Custom Display Cabinet

Do you wonder how to find a display cabinet that will fit exactly in that empty space in your office or shop?

Do you wonder how to find a display cabinet that will fit exactly in that empty space in your office or shop?  Sometimes you can’t buy what you need because of the sizes available and if you did purchase something there is always that empty space left that can’t be utilized.  That is where Betts Remodeling comes in because we love a challenge and enjoy building a custom cabinet to fit the customer’s need.

It was our great pleasure to be of service to a wonderful company in Boulder, Colorado.  Liberty Puzzles makes very unique wood puzzles right there in their shop, and just recently started to get more visitors to their office.  They saw the need to better display some of their quality puzzles and at the same time have some options for variations in the display as the season or demands required.

They had an empty twelve-foot-long wall facing the main doorway into the reception area.  We suggested 32″ tall base cabinets with display shelves on the upper section.  The two upper end sections were 12″ deep and the two inner sections were only 6″ deep to add visual attraction to the central displays.

The four upper display cabinets have adjustable shelves for larger or small promotions.  The new addition was topped off with 3.25″ crown molding to set it apart from the rest of the room.  Some stain grade options were given the owner but the final decision was semi-gloss white paint which was spray painted on site after everything was carefully built.

There is quite a contrast from the empty wall space!  Now Liberty Puzzles has lots of options and plenty of space to display a good number of their products for those that come to their store.

Betts Remodeling was very honored to be of service to this wonderful company.  It was fun to see how the final custom result brought great satisfaction to the owner and his staff as well.  A custom built cabinet is often a much better option than spending money on some temporary fix.  Give us a call.

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