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Doors Full of Color Can Really Be Welcoming

Here are some DIY Tips for Painting Your Doors!

A great way to make your home feel different is to paint interior doors. There’s a few things you might want to know before you get started. Start by buying a good brand of semi-gloss paint. The reason for semi-gloss is that this will make the door stand up to spills better and your doors will be easier to clean. There are many color options to choose from. Making sure you get the one you want is important. Don’t forget, just because the price is cheap does not mean it will be worth the countless coats and the time to apply it. Quality is important.

You will need to get the right tools to paid your doors. Here they are:

  • Foam or small nap mini roller
  • 2-½” Angle Brush
  • Painters/Masking Tape
  • Drop Cloth or Old Cardboard (one for every door)

Now that we know what all we need to get the job done, let’s get into some specifics. Are you painting alone or is somebody going to help you paint these doors? If you are painting alone, leave the door hanging. This might also be good advice if you just don’t have the space to take off all the doors. The benefit of leaving doors hanging is that you can paint both sides at once! Just be sure to cover everything around the door; carpet, walls, door frame, door, hinges, etc. However, if you are a ‘perfectionist’, take the door down. You will get a much better finished product.

If you do decide to go hat route, be sure to remove all of the parts; hinges, knobs, and any other hardware. The easiest was to paint a removed door would be using saw horses to put the door on.

Before starting to paint, make sure you remove the dirt or any oils that are on the door. Make sure to take a metal stainless steel scraper and scrape down all of the edges to remove any build up. These steps are to make sure the paint sticks to the door and won’t just rub off the next time you go to clean the door. If there are any holes, scratches, or damage to the door, fix them with drywall putty. After it is dry, sand it down so the door is smooth.

While painting, always paint in the direction of the grain. This will look the best.

If you are painting a flat door, start at one end working your way to the other end, painting your edges last. You can smooth bubbles and inconsistent textures with your brush. With paneled doors, start at the top where the recessed part looks like a frame of a picture. Use your roller to apply paint in the centerpiece, smoothing everything out. Move on to the set below using the same method. After that paint the vertical centerpiece, then the horizontal, and next the perimeter of the door. Repeat these steps for the other side of the door. Last, paint the edge and check for drips. Let the door dry for at least 30 minutes and repeat the steps.

We know how much better these door look now that they have this fresh new look to them, but you have to be patient. The newly painted doors need to be good and dry before you rehang them. If you didn’t remove the doors, then you just need to make sure nothing is tacky before you shut the door. ! I hope you have a wonderful time getting a new look on your rooms!!

I hope you enjoy this!

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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