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Fireplace Mantel Remodel

The original fireplace mantel just was a thick piece of rough-cut lumber sitting on two supports attached into the brick.

A fireplace mantel remodel…my wife had a wish:  build a fireplace mantel.  She didn’t like the simple rough-cut beam and wanted a stain-grade oak fireplace!  Sure.  After all, I improved other people’s home, so why not do something for my wife?

The reason for this request was that I had completely remodeled the living room the previous winter and replace the original dark paneling with stain-grade oak library panels up to the chair rail molding.  Also I put up 5-1/2″ oak crown molding all around the room over the freshly textured and painted ceiling and walls.  Believe it or not, this made the room look twice as large as before.  The original fireplace mantel just was a thick piece of rough-cut lumber sitting on two supports attached into the brick.

She dared question my ability to build the fireplace mantel!

The only area I didn’t do at that time was the plain fireplace mantel because my wife really wondered if I was up to the challenge!  That honestly got under my skin “just a little” because I’ve been doing remodeling work all my life, but for sure nothing demanding this level of expertise and detail.  The challenge was cutting out all the flutes by hand on the two side legs but by taking it slow and easy everything turned out fine.

I added two little shelves on each side above the mantel area, and by careful cutting I ended up with less than 8″ of material left over.  Perhaps that’s cutting it a little too close to avoid another trip to the store, but I got it done!

Now I have a proud wife that has something special that I build for HER.  Yes, it was my first mantel all by myself and I only had a couple of picture ideas to go by.

Fireplace mantel helped win another job

When I wanted to get the job putting trim in a new house right across the street, I invited the home owners over to sit on the couch in front of the my oak stain grade fireplace mantel while I presented them with my bid.  I didn’t say anything while they looked the bid over, then as their eyes wandered around the room the wife started to ask if I had remodeled that room.  It worked and in less than five minutes the couple said, “You have the job!”  Beautiful words.

I’ve worked on a lot of repairing rotten and damaged areas, so I have to admit it certainly was fun and actually relaxing to work on something brand new.  I really felt good because it looked good and my wife was very pleased as well.  See what else we love to do at our remodeler services page.

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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