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First Time Hiring A Remodeler?

Remodeler Paint Job Turned Costly

Ever have a remodeler paint job turn costly?  When I am looking at a project with the customer I do my best to look for problem areas and properly determine the work involved.  However, there are times when surprises hit you right smack in the face, and it can turn costly.

Let me qualify that statement of being costly.  It can be costly IF you are honest and ethical.  It can be costly IF you prefer to do the job right for the customer or try to “get by” and “cover it up” hoping that nobody finds out there was a problem.

Such was the case of a recent job for a new customer who needed some home improvement repairs. This was his first house purchase and his first attempt of hiring a contractor. The young man was new to working with others and really didn’t know what to expect nor all the decisions he needed to make.  He was referred by another good client so it was important to me to make this process go as smoothly as possible and gain his confidence for future projects and referrals.

This project involved painting the entire interior of the house to remove the smell of the former occupant’s dogs plus to give it a brand new look before he moved in. The room in question was the office that obviously had painted wall paper, but since it had been painted previously and seemed to be intact with no bubbles, it seemed easy to float out the seams and put a fresh coat of paint on.

While some would automatically demand removing all the wallpaper, I’ve had good success in the past of working over wallpaper with proper steps, but sometimes there are unknowns that hit us in the face once the project starts.

As it turned out, there were SIX layers of antique wallpaper on those walls!  While cleaning the trim around the windows and baseboards I noticed a lot of loose paper. Of course you can’t start picking and pulling at things when you are just looking over the job trying to get the bid.  It wouldn’t set well with the prospective customer for you to peal off a section of wallpaper and then try to get the job with an increase price to cover additional work required!

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