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Genious Yard Upgrades

Are you looking for yard upgrades?

Do you have the ideal back yard you have been going for? Well, you don’t have to be a designer to get that look. You can do it with your own 2 hands.  In fact, the following projects are easy enough for even the klutziest home improvement newbie to complete. But don’t be shocked when the Johnson’s appear at your door with hot dog buns in hand, begging to throw a cookout at your place.

1. No-Blow Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are becoming more and more popular. In order to get the right look without looking sloppy, you must do it right. Make sure you have durable curtains, and slip the conduit pipes through the curtain tabs up top and a hem at the bottom. Securing the pipes with wires (taut, but not too tight). This way they won’t blow in the wind too bad and will be quick and easy to clean.

2. Shutter Privacy Fence

No fence? No problem! This attractive privacy feature is made from a pile of discarded shutters. The $0 price wasn’t the only thing that made the material desirable for an outdoor nook’s privacy screen, though. They are tall, can easily be attached to posts if needed, and they have vents which allows air to flow through. You must nail them down to prevent wind blowing them over.

3. Solar Light Hose Guards

Have you ever JUST planted new flowers or veggies? It is quite frustrating to maneuver the hose around each area so it doesn’t hit or ruin the fresh planted sprout. Here is a great tip! Use rebar to stake down simple, budget-friendly solar lights. (Plastic stakes are not strong enough to hold a hose) You can do this by hammering 24-inch pieces of rebar into the ground, and slipping a light over each piece.

Those sturdy posts could handle even the most unwieldy of hoses, protecting garden beds and putting a lovely spotlight on them post-dusk. Plus, the little light fixtures have some serious longevity.

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