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How To Paint Better, Part 2

Good preparation is an essential part of painting better.

Painting isn’t really all that hard. The next area to look at in how to paint better and get a good result from your efforts is the preparation.  Now that you have all the paint supplies on hand, you can start the section that many try to avoid because it seems like you aren’t getting anything done.  However, proper preparation is very necessary in order to achieve good results.

Move as much furniture away from the walls as possible and cover them with the thin plastic covers or a clean old sheet you no longer use.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry!  Very important pieces might need to be taken to another room to avoid any accidents.

Naturally the wall pictures and decor will need to be removed as well as all outlet and light covers.  It will greatly increase your final results to not try to paint around those plastic covers.  Fill the nail holes with DAP or caulk except those that you know you are going to reuse once the painting is completed.

Fill all small dents and scratches with sheetrock mud (a small repair kit is available).  If your walls have any type of texturing you will want to research what to do to closely match the texture so the repair patch doesn’t show up after you paint.  There are repair spray cans for knock-down and orange peal textures available for small repairs.

Next caulk every crack along the sides of your trim (unless you have stain-grade trim).  The secret to proper caulking is to NOT cut off too much of the caulk tube tip.  A smaller hole is better.  You can make a second pass for larger cracks, but cutting the hole too big will just make a mess and get you frustrated.  Caulk every intersection between moldings and between trim and walls or ceiling.  You will be amazed how much a dark crack will show up after the paint job is completed if you skip this step.

Good preparation is an essential part of painting better.  Skip this step and you will not be happy with the final results.

Glen Betts
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