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Paint & Stain in the Winter

These are fantastic projects for Betts Remodeling during these colder months.

You might be thinking I don’t want to paint and stain in the winter but we do!

If you have been to a local buy and sell page online, craigslist or a garage sale, you may have seen things that would look incredible in your home if they were fixed up a bit. You know the look, the one where you walk into someone’s home and are amazed at their beautiful furniture that just seems to fit the room. They may have taken and old piece and made it modern too.

These are fantastic projects for Betts Remodeling during these colder months. We’ll set up shop in your garage and sand, strip, stain and paint your latest furniture projects.

What this does for your home is give it a warm, welcoming appeal when you have unique furniture that can’t be found anywhere else. We’ll make it match your decor and the look and feel you are searching for.

Some of the things we can do are tables, chairs, dressers, stools, stands, bookshelves, etc.

Has your child put stickers all over their dresser and peeling them off would be a nightmare? We can help with that. Here is an example of a dresser that  has been fixed to look like a modern,contemporary dresser for any guest bedroom or a child who is no longer into stickers.

How about chairs? Sometimes you can find chairs you like but they look like they are very old. That too can be fixed into a modern day piece of art.

Maybe you are just looking for a little stand for a bathroom wall to put some small items on. Check this out:

No matter what treasure you find, give us a call and tell us what you’d like to do with it and we’ll be sure to tell you if we can and if the look and feel you desire is possible.

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Glen Betts
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