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Pictures Deserve To Be Hung On Your Walls

This is a simple thing, but it was another thing on the long list of to-dos for this busy professional.

A common thing that comes our way is the request to hang your pictures.

In fact, I was just in a office where the CEO had been given some pictures but they was sitting on the floor and hadn’t been hung yet. This is a simple thing, but it was another thing on the long list of to-dos for this busy professional.

In homes, this is typically something on the honey-do list that doesn’t get done. Why is that? Well getting it centered, level and in the right place can sometimes be tricky. Most photographs, art and posters can be hung on walls but knowing how to hang these on drywall so it stays up and doesn’t ruin the drywall is why you might call a remodeler.

When hanging pictures, drywall is most at risk when the frame is heavy. We suggest picking the lightest frame possible to minimize drywall damage.

When hanging pictures, we recommend wall fasteners because we can get them in both lightweight and heavyweight options.  If what you are hanging is heavy, it is best to use a stud finder to find a supporting beam.
Do drywall mistakes happen? Way too often. In fact, there is no need to panic, it is something we can fix too. So whether you have a large hole or a small one, Betts Remodeling can help. If you want to try to fix the small ones yourself, use spackling. In our experience, most drywall repairs require touch up paint afterwards.

Not only did we get the picture hung for this busy CEO but we also installed some panel boards which she will use for whiteboards  – all while she did what she needed to do for her busy day.

Before we left, she said,

That picture would have sat on the floor forever if it was up to me to hang it.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t do it, it wasn’t her priority. Now she has her work done and her picture hung – this is the value of a remodeler. We help successful people get things on their list done.

I hope you enjoy this!

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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