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Remodeler Guard Dog

Our desire is to offer you, the homeowner, reliable service with a smile.

Your Friendly Remodeler Guard Dog

Have you heard of a friendly Remodeler Guard Dog? Probably not. Many Handymen will focus on repairs as they come, not pointing out the small things here and there that will eventually become bigger issues down the road. A great Remodeler will know how to identify and prevent expensive repairs before they happen, so you aren’t left with the damages. A home is one of our most precious assets and taking care and maintaining that asset is of utmost importance.  As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure,” and that is certainly true around the home.  A few months of ignoring the exterior cracks in the woodwork around the house and before you know it there can be some serious and extensive repair work required and the need of remodeler services. What you need is a remodeler guard dog. 

We recognize that there are other wonderful and faithful handymen and contractors in this area, but we wish to also offer our services because:

  • we love what we do
  • we are knowledgable experts
  • we know how to do the job well
  • and we know there are many new prospective customers all over this area in need of a remodeler they can trust and call upon for their needs.

Our desire is to offer you, the homeowner, reliable service with a smile. 

Remodeler Services

We offer a full line of remodeler services and free estimates.  Your home and property will be treated with the same respect we give our own homes.  Big or small, your repair and remodeling needs will be met.  Any remodeler type of needs, such as replacing a broken light fixture, will be gladly taken care of by Betts Remodeling.

We love it here and are looking forward to meeting you real soon.

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