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More Shoes Than Room?

Do you know a woman that has more shoes than she has room for in her closet? She needs a remodeler!

I am sure everyone I know can say yes to this question about someone they know in their life. I know a some women and men who have that dilemma. The problem for most people is they don’t know a great remodeler.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Glen Betts of Betts Remodeling, your Remodeler and Remodeling professional.  Betts Remodeling is a remodeler and remodeling service that wishes to say hello to the wonderful and kind people of Greeley, Colorado in particular, because that is where we live.  We have met many wonderful friends in the surrounding towns of northern Colorado and are grateful for each and every one. Check in the 5th and 20th of every month, I’ll be updating this blog about recent projects, tips and tricks, and just handy advice.

A wife with three teen-age children called me to help her with a problem in her walk-in closet.  She had a lot of “dead” space on one wall with an old vacuum system box in the way.  Her shoes were stacked here and there through her closet and she wanted help.  

“Any suggestions you have would be appreciated,” she said.

After removing the useless vacuum box, I built her a shoe cabinet along part of that wall, and added another clothes rod to the side to finish off that section of wall.  The multi-shelf shoe cabinet had adjustable shelves at a 7 degree angle to be able to better see the shoes at the back of each shelf.

Needless to say, she was very pleased with the final result.

So if you too are running out of room for the shoes in your life, Betts Remodeling would love to help. Do you have a project that needs to be done? Reach out to me, I’m happy to do the honey do’s your honey can’t do!

Glen Betts
Glen Betts
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