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Remodeler Work Requires Extreme Care

There is hardly a repair job that does not require some use of a power tool.

There is hardly a repair job that does not require some use of a power tool. Yes, doing remodeler work does require extreme care. Truth is, you sometimes end up using several tools to get the task completed.  I’ve often joked, while putting away tool and tool at the end of the day, that I might make more money if I charged a set price per tool used!

Using power tools, even the battery operated ones, require common sense, an understanding of how the tool works, and what the tool was designed to do.  Besides the need of being alert and in a proper frame of mind (not taking powerful cold medication), there are some power tools you certainly do NOT want to use when you are tired and worn out already.  That’s when accidents can and will happen.

I sincerely expect most, if not all, professional handymen would have to confess they have had some close calls.  I know I have.  It certainly wasn’t because I was being stupid or not paying attention, but things can happen SO QUICKLY that you simply cannot afford to let you attention slip for one second.

Case in point is this video of a man operating a table saw and deliberately showing what will happen to a piece of wood being run through the table saw will do in a split moment of carelessness. This table saw can recognize the difference between a finger and wood…most can’t. 

So very easily we could have watched his finger disappear along with the block of wood.  What it clearly shows, however, is the importance of making sure you:

  • safely operate any and all power tools
  • make sure nobody is close by to be hurt by flying objects
  • that children and youngsters do not have access to these tools unsupervised
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