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Some Handymen Need To Be Spanked

Some handymen need to be spanked because they have the nerve to attempt to take advantage of other people.

Some handymen need to be spanked because they have the nerve to attempt to take advantage of other people. It really boils my blood when I come across a human being in need being taken advantage of.  Most commonly this happens to single moms and widows because some so-called contractors think females are naive.  It doesn’t matter if the customer only has a grade-school education.  What ever happened to The Golden Rule?

That particular Rule is quickly loosing ground as people try to make a quick buck.  Our judicial system has greatly encouraged this concept with mega buck lawsuits simply because people no longer want to be held responsible for their stupid decisions, but that’s another topic.  The Golden Rule is simple:  “Do unto others and you would have them do unto you.”  In other words, “If you don’t like it when somebody else tries to over charge you for something you know they didn’t do, then don’t try to pull that same stunt with another person.”

Just recently I received a written notice from a dear lady who is deaf wanting two fence posts replaced.  They were rotten at ground level and the fence was leaning pretty bad.  I made an appointment via email and went to see the task, and after talking with her while she read my lips I made an assessment of what she needed done and gave her a written quote on the back of my business card.  When she saw the amount she asked me, “Are you sure?”

I assured her that the amount written was what I would charge her to unfasten the three sections of fence boards, replace the two posts and reattach the fence sections.  Immediately her eyes filled with tears and she quietly said, “I’m so glad I found you.  The last repair man that came told me it would cost me $450 to replace these two posts!”  I couldn’t believe my ears.

Once again, somebody that carries the title of remodeler or contractor tried to take advantage of a woman in need, believing she couldn’t communicate nor understand some simple facts of life.  It doesn’t matter to me if she was the owner of the biggest bank in town, there is no right to take advantage of somebody like that and charge three times more than what the project actually took.

This lady said that the “remodeler” had told her that each post cost $50 and that it would take so many hours, and so forth.  How well I knew that I could purchase a 4x4x8 treated post for $9.80, tax included!  Where does that add up to fifty dollars?

I have no idea who that fellow was, and I don’t want to know.  I just know that his reputation as a true remodeler is soiled and that he needs to be spanked.  He also needs an awakening to the realization that the world is full of people in need.  He needs to understand that those of us with the God-given talent to use our hands and abilities to help people in need is not for us to abuse and take advantage of.

I am proud of all those handymen that still hold a high standard of ethics and fairness.  These honest professionals can sleep like a baby at night.  Yes, we have to make a living, but we certainly don’t need to try to make a week’s worth of income from one simple three hour job.

Have you or someone you know had to face a similar type situation?  Share your comments.  If you live in the Greeley area, however, please don’t hesitate to give Betts Remodeling a call because we will treat you right. 

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