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Walk in Showers – Design and Remodeling Tips

Types of Walk-in Showers

One of today’s most popular bathroom trends is a walk-in shower. Why? Most people would rather take a shower than a bath, and walk-in showers are generally safer than shower-tub combinations. With a walk-in shower you won’t have to step over a tub side, which is typically 16 inches high.

Homeowners are also switching to walk-in showers because they’re easier to clean and can be customized with accessories such as benches, grab bars, wall jet sprays, rainfall shower heads, and much more.

Depending on which you prefer, walk-in showers can be built with or without doors. They can also be customized to fit your bathroom, including corner installations or almost any space that’s at least 36-by-36 inches.

Types of Walk-in Showers

  • Custom: Custom walk-in showers offer the most design options.

  • Low or no thresholds: Many people prefer the look and style of a walk-in shower with no threshold or a low threshold. It’s also a design feature recommended for individuals who use a wheelchair or have impaired mobility. In order to not have a threshold, the floor of the shower must be sloped to prevent water damage in other areas of the bathroom.

  • Multiple Shower heads and Body Sprays: If you’re looking to create a spa-like experience, or just a more relaxing environment, consider multiple shower heads and try mounting body sprays into the walls. However, showers with multiple shower  heads use more water than a standard shower and may require changes to your water supply lines, water heater and/or drains.

  • One of the most requested accessories for walk-in showers is a seat or bench. Preferably built-ins because they can be scaled to the space available and be placed along a wall or in a corner. Other accessories include aesthetic tile designs, niches or built-in shelves, and grab bars for safety.

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