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Have A Query? Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve responded to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Betts Remodeling. Take a look!

How long has Betts Remodeling been in business?

I have worked on handyman and remodeling projects with my Dad ever since I can remember.  The official start of Betts Remodeling as a company was January 2000 and In November 2007 was incorporated.

What geographical area does Betts Remodeling cover?
We cover Greeley and the immediate surrounding area.
I want a quote from Betts Remodeling, what can I expect from this process?

We are privileged to have your look at what we have to offer you for your remodeling project.  Here are the steps of how the process will work from your initial contact with us:

  • Contact us by phone or email and briefly state what your project is.
  • There will be a reply to your call or email to thank you for your interest and to schedule a convenient time for a 15-20 minute phone call from our office of 15-20” to get your information, briefly discuss your project and time frame to make sure we are able to be of service to you.
  • If you desire to proceed, then we will schedule a face-to-face appointment with you and the owner, Glen Betts, to get acquainted and review the project together on site.  During this visit we will further answer any questions you may have and offer suggestions as needed.
  • A time frame will be given for you to expect your first estimate of what the project could cost, which gives you a starting point to determine other possible options or ideas.
  • Once the scope of the work and the materials and supplies have been chosen, a written contract will be presented for your review and approval.
  • A tentative date is scheduled for the start of your project.
  • You will receive updates on the start time for your project as your time draws closer.
How much does it cost?

That simply means that we do not use a quick and easy pricing table and hope it covers everything.   We look at each project as a brand-new situation and do our best to understand your needs and goals. Quotes and estimates are determined by taking many factors into account.

Any remodeling project is a big undertaking as it temporarily interrupts your home, your schedule, your routine.   It takes time to get it right as we will not apply a “quick-fix” solution to your investment.

We want your remodeling project to make you happy for a very long time.  We suggest products and materials that are high quality, but we have a range of options to fit your budget.  It is not in our nature to use substandard materials for your project and we will advise you accordingly.

Your budget and your goals will be the determining factor in the final price.  

Based on some of our own work, here are some figures to give you a better feel of what a project could cost.  Remember that we treat every project as particular and unique, so these numbers are just sample estimates of what your project could cost.